Henrik Ibsen

Also known as: Henrik Johan Ibsen

Henrik Johan Ibsen (born March 20 1828 in Skien, dead May 23 1906 in Oslo) was a Norwegian playwright. He is regarded as the most significant Norwegian contribution to theatre throughout the history and is often referred to as the father of modern theatre.


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Also known as Henrik Johan Ibsen
Born March 20, 1828 (dead May 23, 1906)
Functions Author, Writer, Dramatist/Playwright, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

Henrik Ibsen was a director and dramatist at The Norwegian Theatre (now The National Venue of Theatre) in Bergen from 1852 to 1857, returning to Oslo (then called Kristiania) in 1857 to become artistic director for Christiania Theatre. He lived outside of Norway from 1864 to 1891. During this time he stayed mostly in Italy and Germany. During his stay abroad he wrote the plays counted among his most significant.

In his time Henrik Ibsen was a controversial playwright, much discussed because of his expression and his content. In particular A Doll's House (1879), in which Nora leaves her husband and her children, was considered scandalous.

Ibsen wrote all his plays in Norwegian, but has been translated to approximately 80 languages.


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