Det Norske Theater

Det Norske Theater (literally: The Norwegian Theatre) was established in Bergen in 1850 by an initiative by Ole Bull. The theatre had to cease its activity due to economic difficulties in 1863, and in 1876 re-opened as Den Nationale Scene (literally: The National Stage, which is now also the theatre's official English-language name, after having used The National Venue of Theatre for a while).


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Established January 2, 1850 (closed May 17, 1863)

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Address Bergen, Norway

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Det Norske Theater became Norway's first Norwegian-language theatre. Its efforts were artistically and nationally oriented, and contributed to making Norwegian the natural language of the stage in Norway. Det Norske Theater was a place of learning for Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson both. In turn, they were employed by the theatre. Henrik Ibsen worked as an instructor and consultant for the theatre 1851–57, and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson was its artistic director 1857–59. 

The theatre was also a place of learning for the Danish writer Magdalene Thoresen, and not least for a number of Norwegian performing artists, including the actors Johannes Brun, Lucie Wolf, Jakob Prom, Andreas Isachsen, Fredrikke Nielsen, Ole Bucher, Benedicte Hundevadt and Sofie Parelius.


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Contributors (14)
Hans Bordevik – Instructor (fra September 1861 til May 17, 1863)
Jakob Prom – Instructor (fra October 1860)
Harald Nielsen – Instructor (fra October 1860)
Jens Cronborg – Instructor (fra September 1859)
Georg Herman Krohn – Instructor (fra September 1859 til April 1860)
Levini Krohn – Instructor (fra September 1859 til April 1860)
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson – Instructor (fra December 1857 til September 30, 1859)
Ole Bull – Managing-director (fra Navember 1857 til 1863)
Henrik Ibsen – Instructor (fra Navember 1851 til August 1857)
Herman Laading – Instructor (fra October 1851 til Navember 1857)
Mad. Hagerup – Instructor (fra December 5, 1850 til February 21, 1851)
Ole Langfeldt Boye – Instructor (fra August 1850 til May 1, 1851)
Ole Bull – Managing-director (fra 1850 til 1855)
Kandidat Jensen – Instructor (fra 1850 til October 1851)