Girls Girls Girls

Girls Girls Girls by Grenland Friteater was a performance for everyone who has been – or expects to become – preoccupied with the opposite sex. A theatre production directed towards youth.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 6, 2003
Produced by Grenland Friteater
Coproducers The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
Based on Venter på jenter* (Waiting for girls) by Anne-Sophie Erichsen
Audience Youth (from 13 to 16)
Number of events 56
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Dance, Music, Comedy, Performance for youth
Running period March 6, 2003  
Website Grenland Friteater

Pupils in secondary school functioned as consultants during the process of Girls Girls Girls. Through conversations and questionnaires Grenland Friteater touched subjects such as insecurity, curiosity and the unanswered questions about the opposite sex. This communication was important in writing the script. The objective was daring to speak about touchy subjects engaging youth, without seeming morally righteous.

In Girls Girls Girls by Grenland Friteater the audience met two young men – one of them a civilian worker in a theatre, the other his out-of-work musician friend coming to visit and to ruin the workday. They find themselves on the theatre stage, where the civilian worker is supposed to clean and to put costumes and props in their right places. They’re now spread all over.

The two are more preoccupied with girls than big politics and the uncertain future awaiting them. They long for girls, to understand these fascinating, incomprehensible creatures, and this makes them feel vulnerable. They move around, high and low, from the intimate confessions to what is obviously bragging and to showy song and dance acts. From tender guitar tunes to stand-up comedy and dancing in ball gowns.

Both the young men have a wish to perform onstage, and at one time they put on the costumes spread around to make a parody of the play running every night. It is the play about Prince Paris and the golden apple, for the occasion transformed into Prince Paris and the golden banana (they were unable to find a golden apple).

Source: Grenland Friteater,, 19.08.2010,

Contributors (7)
Name Role
Anne-Sophie Erichsen – Playwright
Anne-Sophie Erichsen – Direction
Katharina Barbosa Blad – Costume design
Tor Arne Ursin – Lighting design
Carl Henrik Ekblom – Actor
Joakim Dan Jørgensen – Actor
Hans Petter Eliassen – Producer
Performance dates
June 17, 2004 Show
March 6, 2003 Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Press coverage

"...acted brilliantly during the opening(...) Girls Girls Girls is also about how boys can feel inside. It is about the vulnerability one carries(...)'" Varden

"(...)rises the subject of love in an informal and fun way" Telemarksavisa