Ibsen Theatre

Also known asTeater Ibsen, formerly Telemark Theatre (1975 - 1991)
Organisation typeDistrict institution
Main focusTheatre
Websitewww.teateribsen.no - velkommen

About Ibsen Theatre

Ibsen Theatre is a regional theatre, covering the counties of Telemark and Vestfold.

The theatre was established in 1975 under the name of Telemark Theatre (in Norwegian: Telemark Teater). In 1991 the name was changed to Ibsen Theatre (in Norwegian: Teater Ibsen).

The owners - the county of Telemark, the municipality of Skien and the county of Vestfold - own equal shares of the theatre.

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More about Ibsen Theatre

Ibsen Theatre has its main quarters in the town of Skien, where Henrik Ibsen grew up. Until 2011 the theatre was located in the theatre venue Festiviteten, built in 1891. From 2011 the theatre has temporary venues in the old industrial offices of Union, located at Klosterøya in Skien.

Ibsen Theatre shows productions for adults and children and tours the counties. The theatre also supports amateur theatre companies in the region and collaborates with The Norwegian Touring Theatre among others.

Currently Gry Wie is the administrative director and Anders T. Andersen the artistic director of the theatre. Bentein Baardson was artistic director prior to Andersen (2008-2009). Inger Buresund led the theatre from 2001 to 2007.

Among the former leaders of the theatre are Terje Hartviksen (1989–93), Stein Ørnhøi (1994-1995) and Morten Borgersen (1998-2000). Jan Bull led Telemark Theatre from 1983 to 1985, and Karl Erik Solgård headed the theatre from 1986 to 1989.

Ibsen Theatre won The Hedda Award 2000 in the open category for the production De ti bud* (The Ten Commandments), produced in 1999, directed by Yngve Sundvor and written by ten Norwegian writers.


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*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.