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PS14 is a theatre production by Ibsen Theatre and Grenland Friteater, produced in 2014, in collaboration with volunteer associations in the region of Grenland. The performance takes place along the river between the cities of Porsgrunn and Skien, starting at the porcelain factory in Porsgrunn and ending at the lock at Skien.

Dag Larsen, Pål Øverland, Lars Vik, Tor Arne Ursin, Kjersti Posti Høgli and Gyrid Axe Øvsteng have written texts and directed each their parts of the production.

PS14 is Ibsen Theatre and Grenland Friteater's celebration bicentennial of Norway's Constitution.


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Object type Production
Premiere August 27, 2014
Produced by Ibsen Theatre, Grenland Friteater
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Outdoors theatre, Wandering Theatre, Drama
Running period August 27, 2014  —  September 13, 2014
Website Teater Ibsen, GRENLAND FRITEATER

At the webpage of Teater Ibsen the following, among other things, is written about PS14:

"PS14 is a water-based exploration journey on and along the river between the two twin cities, Porsgrunn and Skien. From the porcelain factory to the first lock of The Telemark Canal the experiences include the natural treasure Lahelle, Borgestad's historical foundation and Menstad's dramatic past. During the journey the audience will take part in theatre, dance, choir music, performance art, music and visual arts.

Central in PS14 is a theatrical frame story, a story regarding the bicentennial of Norway's Constitution in 2014. The writer Dag Larsen has written the story of Ellida, daughter of Bernadotte's drummer from the Napoleon wars. In August 1814 she, Mikkel, a young sailor from Osebakken and a pilot from Ula, come rowing to Porsgrunn. She brings something dear: Her father's drum, filled with seeds, and she carries the revolutionary demand of freedom of expression and food.

PS14 directs the spotlight towards where and what we come from and what we have achieved.

- Riches carry duties, said Gunnar Knudsen.

PS14 raises the issues: What do we need to create in the future? With what and how? Where does the journey lead?

Regional and local authorities, with local businesses in Grenland support PS14, which beyond its artistic value will put the emphasis on qualities and potential for the region of Grenland, in relation to the region's citizens and in a national perspective."


Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 27/06-2014

Ibsen Theatre, teateribsen.no, 27.06.2014, http://www.teateribsen.no/index.php?page_id=2856

Performance dates
August 27, 2014 18:00 Worldwide premiere