The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden (2005) was a theatre production by Fabula Rasa, based on the book for children by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The production was performed at Ibsen Theatre in Skien.

Nina Ossavy directed it.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 29, 2005
Produced by Fabula Rasa
Coproducers Nordland Visual Theatre
In collaboration with Ibsen Theatre
Based on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Audience Families, Children (from 6)
Number of events 150
Language Norwegian, English and French
Expressions Theatre, Multimedia, Video, Movie, Performance for children
Running period January 29, 2005  
Duration 50 minutes

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 10m
Maximum stage width 10m
Minimum stage depth 8m
Maximum stage depth 8m
Minimum stage height 4m
Maximum stage height 4m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 360 minutes
Audience 80

The book The Secret Garden was published for the first time in 1911, and has been adapted for the movies, made into a TV series and sent as a radio play. To Fabula Rasa's knowledge, this was the first time it has inspired a theatre performance. Fabula Rasa wrote a wholly new stage text and has removed all adult characters so that only the children remained when the story met the theatre.

The Secret Garden by Fabula Rasa was performed some 160 times through The Cultural Rucksack and at festivals and in theatres in Norway. The performance was nominated for Gullsekken (The Cultural Rucksack’s own award) in 2007. The performance was also translated into the French and visited festivals in France from 2009.

The Secret Garden by Fabula Rasa was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Cultural Rucksack, the Fund for Performing Artists, Norsk Scenekunstbruk and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


Fabula Rasa,, 10.08.2010,

Runhild Olsen,, 29.08.2018,

Performance dates
March 17, 2010Espace Culturel de Vendenheim – Show
March 15, 2009Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) – Show
March 14, 2009Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) – Show
February 8, 2006Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
June 16, 2005Gamle Posten – Show
June 15, 2005Gamle Posten – Show
January 29, 2005 – National premiere, Norway
Press coverage

"Splendid. Everything happens on the children’s terms. The performance is magical." (2005, 30.01). Telemarksavisa

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