The Imaginary Invalid

The Imaginary Invalid was a theatre production by Grenland Friteater, produced in 1999 and based on the play by Molière.

Lars Vik directed it and Lars Vik and Henning Farner took turns interpreting the role of the hypochondriac Argan.

The production had its premiere in the backyard of Kafe K during Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival in 1999. Later the same year the production was performed during a Norwegian tour in collaboration with The Norwegian Touring Theatre.


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Object type Production
Premiere June 7, 1999
Produced by Grenland Friteater
In collaboration with The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
Based on The Imaginary Invalid by Jean-Baptiste Molière
Audience Adults
Audience size 18552
Number of events 102
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Comedy
Running period June 7, 1999  
Website Den innbilt syke

The Imaginary Invalid became Molière's last play. It had its world premiere in 1673, and in its first production, the playwright acted the role of the hypochondriac Argan. He collapsed onstage February 17, during his fourth public performance of the role, and died in his home shortly later.


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Performance dates
September 28, 2001Kulturhuset Elverum, Storstua, Kulturhuset Elvarheim Tour Premiere
June 7, 1999Kafé K Opening night
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