Cirkus Xanti

Cirkus Xanti is a circus company. Besides producing the festival The Circus Village, Circus Xanti produces performances, educational projects and events. Circus Xanti was established by Sverre Waage in 2001.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Circus Xanti
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Circus
Established 2001
Website Cirkus Xanti, Facebookside, Cirkus Xanti, Twitter, Cirkus Xanti, Sirkuslandsbyen, Cirkus Xanti
Expressions Multidisciplinary

Contact information

Address Bryggeveien 5, 1545 Hvitsten, Norway
Telefon +47 97 69 0107

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Cirkus Xanti arranges The Circus Village, a professional showroom and Norway’s first arena for developing contemporary circus as art. This is a place where artists from all over the world can produce, perform, experiment and train. But most of all, The Circus Village is a place where children and adults can be seduced by the magic of the circus, laugh at clownery and be amused and amazed by jaw dropping stunts and impressive acts.

We also offer several classes and workshops for professionals, amateurs and beginners of all ages. Who hasn’t fantasized about running away with the circus? In The Circus Village fantasies come true, and nothing is impossible!


Cirkus Xanti,, 29.07.2010,

Own productions (11)
Title Premiere
As a Tiger in The Jungle – June 15, 2018
As a Tiger in The Jungle – 2017
Pluto Crazy – May 11, 2012
Bastard – August 13, 2011
LOOP – 2010
Winter Sun – Navember 29, 2007
Trollringen* (The Troll Ring) – May 25, 2007
Prince of the Trolls – Navember 1, 2005
Prince of the Trolls – Navember 13, 2004
Prince of the Trolls – 2003
C'est moi - a circus cabaret
Co-productions (2)
Title Premiere
The Heritage – September 2, 2003 – Haugesund Theatre
The Ring – August 8, 2001 – Haugesund Theatre
Contributors (4)
Sverre Waage – Artistic director (fra 2001)
Sverre Waage – Stage Artist (fra 2001)
Sunniva Dring – Stage Artist
Rune Berny – Technical director