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Hando Kjendo

Hando Kjendo (2003) was a production by Teater Joker.

After being performed 300 times, Hando Kjendo was performed for the last time in The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) the autumn of 2006.

Hando and Kjendo are two characters from Tore Renberg's and Kim Hiorthøy's illustrated children's books. Hando is tall, thin, green and cries when he talks. Kjendo is short, round and laughs when she talks. The two opposites are the best of friends, and together they experience the strangest things.


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Object type Production
Premiere August 9, 2003
Produced by Teater Joker
Based on Hando Kjendo by Tore Renberg, Kim Hiorthøy
Audience Young children, Children (from 3 to 10)
Audience size 30000
Number of events 320
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Performance for children, Physical theatre
Running period August 9, 2003  —  September 2, 2006
Duration 45 minutes
Website Teater Joker

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 5m
Maximum stage width 5m
Minimum stage depth 6m
Maximum stage depth 6m
Minimum stage height 4m
Maximum stage height 4m
Lights requirements Brought with
Audio requirements Brought with
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 90 minutes
Downrigging time 45 minutes
Audience 150
Other Suited for gymnasiums, amphi theatre is made using mats, benches and chairs in front of the stage.

In Hando Kjendo by Teater Joker, Hando and Kjendo come to Ella's place one fine morning. Ella has ordered a new sofa.

The misunderstanding is now a fact. What would you have done if Hando and Kjendo suddenly were in your living room? Ella tries hard to get rid of the two best friends, as she doesn't want to believe that they are really there, but eventually she is lured in to their strange universe where the beach and Beethoven awaits.

Hando Kjendo takes place between the small and the tall, the thin and the round, the fast and the slow. The poetic imagery of Hiorthøy is intact with these two non-realistic characters.

Teater Joker used sounds and images in combination with Tore Renberg's text as a fundament for the performance. Through a manner of expression doubling as abstract and concrete Teater Joker played with words, colours and sounds.


Teater Joker, teaterjoker.no, 18.08.2010, http://www.teaterjoker.no/Teater%20Joker/Hando%20Kjendo.html

Contributors (15)
Name Role
Tore Renberg – Playwright
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Dramatised by
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Direction
Cathrine Gåre Opstad – Stage design
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Stage design
Cathrine Gåre Opstad – Costume design
Harald Lindebrekke – Sound
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Sound
Kim Hiorthøy – Illustrator (plakattegning)
Ingrid Enger Damon – Actor
Guri Glans – Actor
Gunhild Aubert Opdal – Actor
Kari Ramnefjell – Actor
Niels Peter Underland – Actor
Guri Glans – Producer
Festivals (1)
Press coverage

Writer and date unknown, Lindesnes [Lindesnes, Norway]:
"The long, thin green continuously crying Hando and the little, round as a ball laughing Kjendo captured the children’s attention (...) Bursts of laughter came as pearls on a string." 

Writer and date unknown, Flekkefjord blad [Flekkefjord]:
Theatre experience for the pupils! Experiencing long, thin Hando who cries pretty often, and little, rotund Kjendo, who laughs easily, was incredibly exciting. The children were deeply involved with the performance and were silent as mice as the performance went on.