The Miser

The Miser (2012) was a theatre production by Grenland Friteater, based on the play by Jean-Baptiste Molière. The production was the main project by Grenland Friteater during Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival in 2012.


(Objekt ID 30970)
Object type Production
Premiere June 6, 2012
Produced by Grenland Friteater
Based on The Miser by Jean-Baptiste Molière
Audience Adults, Families, Youth
Audience size 2175
Number of events 11
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Comedy
Running period June 6, 2012  —  June 15, 2013
Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
Website Grenland friteater

At the webpage of Grenland Friteater the following, among other things, is written about The Miser:

"Is it possible to be so greedy you will marry your only daughter off to a man who is old and stubborn, but rich? To become so greedy you try to steal your son's girlfriend, not because you love her, but because her low-cost lifestyle makes her a suitable bride?

When father and son all of a sudden hunt in the same fields, the activity-filed house turns up its pace, with unpredictable servants, dubious friends, loan sharks, go-betweens entering the game with escalating speed. Who is really the greediest? Doesn't greed operate in different disguises?

The 344 year old classic is actually about love, too. Will the young ones, who really love each other, get each other in the end? Or will gold and greed win out?"


Grenland Friteater,, 24.09.2012,

Performance dates
June 15, 2013Kafé K Show
June 14, 2013Kafé K Show
June 13, 2013Kafé K Show
June 12, 2013Kafé K Show
June 10, 2013Kafé K Show
June 9, 2013Kafé K Show
June 8, 2013Kafé K Show
June 7, 2013Kafé K Show
June 6, 2013Kafé K Show
June 18, 2012Kafé K Show
June 17, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 16, 2012 19:00 – Kafé K Show
June 15, 2012 17:00 – Kafé K Show
June 14, 2012 19:00 – Kafé K Show
June 13, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 12, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 9, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 8, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 7, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Show
June 6, 2012 20:00 – Kafé K Opening night
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