Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division (Norwegian: NRK Radioteatret) was a department within Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norwegian: Norsk Rikskringkasting, shortened to NRK). Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is a publically owned broadcasting corporation, established in 1933, at the time as a single radio channel. At the time of writing, it consists of three TV channels, 16 radio channels, the website and services through other platforms. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is Norway's largest media business, with departments all over the country.

From 1933 until the early 1980es, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation was Norways's sole broadcaster, with a legal monopoly on radio and TV braodcasts.

Within this Sceneweb entry, productions connected to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division (NRK Radioteatret) are shown. For televised theatre, see the entry for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division (Fjernsynsteatret).


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Object type Organization
Also known as NRK Radioteatret
Organization type National institution, Media outlet
Main focus Theatre
Established 1933 (closed February 2021)

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Legal entity Other


NRK,, 18.02.2016,

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Title Premiere
Cirkus Fantastiskus – 1987 – Abrakadabra Teatret