The Odyssey

The Odyssey (2014) was a radio theatre production by Morten Cranner for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division. Morten Cranner both adapted and directed the epic poem by Homer.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 16, 2014
Produced by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division
Based on The Odyssey by Homer
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Radio theatre, Drama
Running period March 16, 2014  —  April 19, 2014
Website NRK radio

At the website of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation the following, among other things, is written about The Odyssey:

"A war veteran struggles on his way home. The hero of Homer's epic poem uses ten years to get home after fighting in the Trojan war. His inner battles are narrated through strange fables, images of mental and emotional processing. He has to go through a series of challenges to shake off the war. Morten Cranner has adapted the story about this classic and modern war hero's journey home in three parts for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division."


Morten Cranner's private archive, donated by Morten Cranner, 20.05.2014

Morten Cranner, 05.06.2014,

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation/NRK,, 05.06.2014,

Contributors (18)
Name Role
Homer – Author
Morten Cranner – Dramatised by
Peder Østbye – Translation
Morten Cranner – Direction
Sven Erga – Composer
Gunhild Nymoen – Dramaturge
Erki Halvorsen – Sound design
Ulla Marie Broch – Actor
Thomas Bye – Actor
Anders Mordal – Actor
Morten Cranner – Musician
Sven Erga – Musician
Konstantinos Katsiolis – Voiceover
Anastasia Poulimenakou – Voiceover
Evy Finholt – Production manager
Mette Sapiraa – Producer
Morten Cranner – Other (Versjonering)
Erki Halvorsen – Other (Redigerer)