Merete Skavlan

Also known as: Merete Sunderland Skavlan

Merete Skavlan (born 1920) was a Norwegian actress, theatre director and theatre manager. She was the daughter of newspaper editor and theatre manager Einar Skavlan and music pedagogue Margrethe Bartholdy.

The article about Merete Skavlan was written by Bent Kvalvik, film archivist and culture journalist, and an employee at The National Library of Norway, for the encyclopaedia Store Norske Leksikon. The article is published by Sceneweb with permission from the author.


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Object type Person
Also known as Merete Sunderland Skavlan
Born July 25, 1920 (dead Navember 2, 2018)
Functions Director, Actor, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Affiliations (3)
Artworks (1)
Title Premiere Role
Det angår ikke oss! 1964, Script, Cabaret – Author