Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division (Norwegian: NRK Fjernsynsteatret) is a department within Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norwegian: Norsk Rikskringkasting, shortened to NRK). Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is a publically owned broadcasting corporation, established in 1933, at the time as a single radio channel. At the time of writing, it consists of three TV channels, 16 radio channels, the website and services through other platforms. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation is Norway's largest media business, with departments all over the country.

From 1933 until the early 1980es, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation was Norways's sole broadcaster, with a legal monopoly on radio and TV braodcasts.

The first broadcast by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division took place in 1959. Within this Sceneweb entry, productions connected to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division (NRK Fjernsynsteatret) plus TV versions of performing arts productions produced or co-produced by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation are shown. For radio theatre, see the entry for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's radio drama division (NRK Radioteatret).


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Object type Organization
Also known as NRK Fjernsynsteatret
Organization type National institution, Media outlet
Main focus Performing arts, Dance, Theatre
Established 1960 (closed 1991)
Website NRK Fjernsynsteatret

Contact information

Address Oslo, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA


Jenssen, Hugo Lauritz: Sossen. Bohemdronningen (literally: Sossen. The Bohemian Queen), published by Kagge Forlag, 2015

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation,, 18.02.2016,

Venues (1)
Co-productions (9)
Title Premiere
Vakkert – December 9, 2023 – Det Vestnorske Teateret
Kalvø – April 3, 2020 – The Norwegian Theatre
Kalvø – April 1, 2017 – The Norwegian Theatre
The Neighbour – March 11, 2010 – Nordisk Film AS
Lille Blå og spilledåsen – March 2007 – Dårekisten Teater
AMBER – 1988 – Carte Blanche Dance Company
Fornuftige dyr – February 3, 1986 – The National Stage
Lille Blå og bløtkaka – 1983 – Dårekisten Teater
Lille Blå og spilledåsen – 1983 – Dårekisten Teater
Contributors (4)
Tore Breda Thoresen – Theatre director (fra 1967 til 1980)
Arild Brinchmann – Theatre director (fra 1960 til 1967)
Gunnar Neels-Hansson – Theatre director (fra June 1945 til 1950)
Gunnar Neels-Hansson – Theatre director (fra 1928 til 1943)