(Objekt ID 77837)
Object type Production
Premiere May 26, 1970
Produced by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's TV drama division
In collaboration with The National Stage
Based on The Lesson by Eugène Ionesco
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords TV theatre, Theatre of the absurd
Running period May 26, 1970  
Website NRK fjernsynsteatret
Contributors (10)
Name Role
Eugène Ionesco – Playwright
Mimi Omdahl – Translation
Tore Breda Thoresen – Direction
Per Fjeld – Stage design
Nan Austin – Costume design
Marit Hamdahl – Actor (Den nye eleven)
Eva von Hanno – Actor (Den unge eleven)
Elsa Lystad – Actor (Hushjelpen)
Gisle Straume – Actor (Professoren)
Tana Haugen – Technical director (Regiteknisk leder)
Performance dates
May 26, 1970NRK TV Opening night
May 13, 1970Store Scene at The National Stage, Bergen International Festival View
Festivals (1)