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Also known asTeatret på Torshov
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About The Torshov Theatre

The Torshov Theatre is a sub-department of The National Theatre.

The theatre opened the autumn of 1977 with a drama written particularly for the borough of Torshov, Lever du'a Karlsen?* (Are you alive, then, Karlsen?), by Tor Edvin Dahl.

The first few years the theatre was organised communally, with a relatively permanent ensemble artistically only loosely connected to The National Theatre. Eventually the idea of a repertoire especially directed towards the borough's population was left behind.

In 1982 Stein Winge became the artistic director of the theatre, and during his time as a leader particular emphasis was on providing classics such as Shakespeare, Ibsen and Gorky a modern, theatrical expression.

From the 1990es the theatre has been ruled by groups of actors, each group responsible for a term of a few years at the time.


Store Norske Leksikon,

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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