White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (2012) was a staged reading by Oslo International Theatre and Imploding Fictions in collaboration with Cafeteatret & Nordic Black Theatre, Black Box Teater, The Norwegian Theatre, The Torshov Theatre & The National Theatre and Det Andre Teatret (The Other Theatre), plus Volcano, Necessary Angel and Wolfgang Hoffmann.

Oslo International Theatre presented White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Nassir Soleimanpour in collaboration with six different Oslo venues.

The production was performed across six evenings during March 2012, using a new actor every night.


(Objekt ID 29225)
Object type Production
Premiere March 2, 2012
Produced by Imploding Fictions, Oslo International Theatre
In collaboration with Cafeteatret, Nordic Black Theatre, Black Box Teater, The Norwegian Theatre, The Torshov Theatre, The National Theatre, Det Andre Teatret AKA The Other Theatre
Based on White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour
Audience Adults
Number of events 6
Language English
Expressions Reading, Theatre
Running period March 2, 2012  —  March 10, 2012
Website Imploding Fictions, Imploding Fictions Blog

Oslo International Theatre writes the following about White Rabbit, Red Rabbit:

"Who pulls the strings in your life? Who do you pretend to be? Even though he is miles away in Iran, the playwright Nassim Soleimanpour controls everything that happens in the theatre venue. A secret letter to the world, a set of instructions and an actor who does not know the text - these are the elements of a performance challenging our perceptions of the freedom to choose. The spectators also become pieces in the board game.

Imagine that you are 29 years old and unable to leave the country in which you live. Through White Rabbit, Red Rabbit the young playwright Nassim Soleimanpour has found a way to communicate with the world despite this, one that raises attention internationally. The award-winning play was hailed by critics and spectators when it opened in Edinburgh during last summer's festival. Now it arrives Norway for the first time."

The play is also a web phenomenon:

In the blog http://whiterabbitredrabbit.blogspot.com/ experiences and response from all the places in the world where the play has been performed are compiled, in a gradually increasing network of performers and spectators.


E-mail from Oslo International Theatre, 07.06.2012

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Øystein Ulsberg Brager – Direction
Philip Thorne – Direction
Anders N. Pedersen – Visual design (Grafisk design)
Mats Eldøen – Actor (Det Andre Teatret)
Mariann Hole – Actor (Torshovteatret)
Ida Løken Valkeapää – Actor (Black Box Teater)
Mohammad Mirzazadeh – Actor (Litteraturhuset)
Sarah Ramin Osmundsen – Actor (Det Norske Teatret)
Kate Pendry – Actor (Cafeteatret/Nordic Black Theatre)
Tanja Steen – Photo
Espen Hjort – Director’s assistant
Marie Ulsberg – Consultant (Kreativ konsulent)
Performance dates
March 10, 2012 19.00 – Det Andre Teatret – Show
March 8, 2012 19.00 – Torshovteatret - Prøvesalen – Show
March 7, 2012 14:00 – Bikuben – Show
March 6, 2012 19:00 – Lille scene (Marstrandgata) – Show
March 5, 2012 19:00 – Kjelleren – Show
March 2, 2012 19:00 – Cafeteatret Oslo – National premiere, Norway