En får væra som en er* (One should be how one is)

En får væra som en er* (One should be how one is) is a musical theatre production by The National Theatre/The Torshov Theatre, produced in 2014. The production was created by Hilde Brinchmann, Kjetil Indregard and the Torshov ensemble based on music by Ole Ivars. The production was staged at The Torshov Theatre.

Hanne Tømta directed it and Simon Revholt was responsible for the musical arrangements and the band.

The production was the first to be performed as part of the Torshov ensemble's Musikklab (Music Lab) project, led by Bernhard Arnø, Christian Skolmen, Lena Kristin Ellingsen and Simon Revholt.

Henriette Steenstrup was nominated for The Hedda Award 2014 in the best supporting actress category for the role of Line.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 38323)
Object type Production
Premiere April 4, 2014
Produced by The National Theatre, The Torshov Theatre
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Musical, Theatre
Running period April 4, 2014  
Duration 1 hour 20 minutes
Website Nationaltheatret

At the webpage of The National Theatre the following, among other things, is written about En får væra som en er* (One should be how one is):

"It is Midsummer's Eve, and the guests at the camping site are getting ready for the big celebration. From the side comes a young girl, one who everyone wonders who is. And perhaps nobody is just the way prejudice says, when everything comes to an end?

The National Theatre's new Torshov ensemble plunges into Music Lab, an artistic research project investigating musical theatre. They will experiment with music in theatre and theatre in music. And first of all they offer up the dance band Ole Ivars - celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

As with good scientists curiosity is the driving force. What, with Ole Ivars, is it that captures so many? While dance bands are by some perceived as low-brow culture, The National Theatre may give the impression of high-brow culture. Are myths to be busted?

- Ole Ivars is first of all a band spreading genuine joy in music, making people dance. This should be met with sincerity - not irony. At the same time we will bring along the artistic experimentation characterising The Torshov Theatre, actor Bernhard Arnø explains.

He is joined by his actor colleagues Henriette Steenstrup, Christian Skolmen, Lena Kristin Ellingsen and musician Simon Revholt in the project. They all have close relationships to musical theatre. Now they will take an expression usually performed in a large format, down to an intimate setting.

- Whereas the last Torshov ensemble had success with its Comedy Lab project - investigating the outer limits of comedy and using some music - we continue the relay. We examine musical theatre while using some humour, says Arnø."


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*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Performance dates
June 9, 2016Hovedscenen – New opening
February 17, 2015Hovedscenen – New opening
April 4, 2014 19:30 – Torshovteatret - Hovedsalen – Worldwide premiere
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