Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty was  was a performance theatre-duo established the spring of 2003 by the artists Stina Kajaso (SE) and Lisa C. B. Lie (NO). The company was closed down in 2010.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company, Theatre company
Main focus Performance, Theatre, Multidisciplinary art
Established 2003 (closed 2010)
Expressions Performance

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Sons of Liberty was interested in alternatives to the established culture. Parallel ways of understanding reality exist, but are not focused in mainstream culture. We had, as a group,  a continuous subversive strategy undermining the hetero-normative view of the world through a breaking down of their ideals. We seek to transcend –isms. We searched for material with a broad frame of reference. Which is why we referred to popular culture and twist material that has a hetero-normative perspective to begin with. In this way the audience was confronted with convention and/or prejudice they otherwise would, consciously or unconsciously, not want/choose to see.

Sons of Liberty used fragments from fiction and references to comics, movies and popular culture as a basis for scenic experimentation. We worked with a fragmented narrative where we used hyper-linking on timing and content, and where the different layers of the performance constantly change transparency in relation to each other- a way of composing that has much in common with musical composition.

Sons of Liberty has so far produced and toured with: Sons of Liberty, Duell: Sons of Liberty 2, God Hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty 3, and we cooperated with the Torshov theatre, a part of the Norwegian National theatre, with Swamped in Sensation, as a part of the Contemporary Stage Festival 2007 and Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4.

Together we also created various stunts, video works and installations.

Sons of Liberty won wide acclaim in Norway, including nomination for the best show in 2005 by the Norwegian magazine “Natt & Dag” with Duell: Sons of Liberty 2, and we were awarded the Gabler prize for best show of the year by the Norwegian newspaper “Morgenbladet” in 2006 with God hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty 3.

Sons of Liberty produced, performed and toured with Duell: Sons of Liberty 2 and God hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty 3 and Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4. We translated (into English) and played Duel: Sons of Liberty 2 at The Fringe Festival in Dublin. We toured Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4 in Norway, Sweden, the Cool As Can Be-festival Macedonia, and the OKNO- festival in Poland.


BIT Teatergarasjen, springprogram 2009.

Lisa Lie, email 07.01.2020

Own productions (6)
Title Premiere
Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4 – March 31, 2009
I am waiting for you – Navember 1, 2008
Swamped in Sensation – October 3, 2007
God Hates Scandinavia – March 30, 2006
Duell: Sons of Liberty 2* (Duel: Sons of Liberty 2) – Navember 24, 2004
Sons of Liberty 1: Proto-Sons of Liberty – 2003
Contributors (2)
Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie – Artistic director (fra 2003 til 2010)
Stina Kajaso – Artistic director (fra 2003 til 2010)