Stina Kajaso

Also known as: Maria Kristina Kajaso


(Objekt ID 2935)
Object type Person
Also known as Maria Kristina Kajaso
Born September 20, 1978
Functions Director, Actor, Auteur, Dramatist/Playwright, Stage Artist
Nationality Swedish
Gender Female
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA
Adresse Södermannagatan 46, 116 40 Stockholm, Norway
Website Sonofdad: Carpe Fisken
Affiliations (2)
Involved in productions (9)
Title Premiere Role
Pre Sang Real: Sons of Liberty 4 (Sons of Liberty) March 31, 2009 Concept/Idea, Text, Performer
I am waiting for you (Sons of Liberty) Navember 1, 2008 Concept/Idea, Performer
Knif (Stina Kajaso ) April 10, 2008 Script, Direction, Performer, Producer
Swamped in Sensation (Sons of Liberty) October 3, 2007 Costume, Playwright, Direction, Actor
Talk Softly But Carry a Big Stick (Pony of No Return) May 3, 2007 Consultant
Ibsen International Short Text Challenge 2006 (The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)) September 9, 2006 Actor, Actor
God Hates Scandinavia (Sons of Liberty) March 30, 2006 Dramaturge, Actor, Text, Direction
Duell: Sons of Liberty 2* (Duel: Sons of Liberty 2) (Sons of Liberty) Navember 24, 2004 Actor, Concept/Idea, Text, Dramaturge, Direction
Sons of Liberty 1: Proto-Sons of Liberty (Sons of Liberty) 2003 Concept/Idea, Actor, Playwright, Direction
Artworks (2)
Title Premiere Role
Knif Script – Author
God Hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty III Script – Author