The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger

The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger was an international theatre festival, arranged for the first time in 1993. After this, The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger was held in 1995, 1997 and 2000. The two last festivals were in addition titled Absolutt Galskap (literally: Absolute Madness). Sverre Waage was the festival manager.

The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger was arranged as a collaboration project, with Hedmark Theatre at the hub. In different constellations throughout the period, the theatre collaborated with Instant Musical Productions, the amateur associations Kongsvinger Amatørteater and Hedmark Teaterlag, Hedmark Touring Organization and the municipality of Kongsvinger.

In 1995, a county festival for amateurs, called Fylkesfestivalen for amatører, was arranged as a side program.


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Established 1993 (closed 2000)

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The first edition of The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger, arranged in 1993, also marked the fifth anniversary of Hedmark Theatre. At the time, the productions in current repertoire at Hedmark Theatre were also part of the main program. After this, the theatre's production only were part of the festival's side program.

The programming of The Theatre Festival in Kongsvinger was characterised by international visiting productions plus Norwegian independent performing arts companies. Projects visited from Sweden, Denmark, England, Russia, USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Finland and Italy. The festival represented the first Norwegian visits form the companies Cirkus CirkörForced Entertainment and Lone Twin. Among other visitors, were Västanå TeaterOdin Teatret and tg STAN.

Among the Norwegian visiting companies were VerdensteatretKlomadu TheatreIngun Bjørnsgaard ProsjektGrenland Friteater, Baktruppen and zero visibility corp.

Festival dates:

1993: March 22-29

1995: April 26-30

1997: May 7-11

2000: May 3-7


Sverre Waage's private archive, donated by Sverre Waage, 15.12.2014.

Festival programs digitised by Sceneweb:,,,

Own productions
Title Premiere
Teaterfotografi – May 7, 1997
Sverre Waage – Artistic director (fra 1993 til 2000)