Kulturproduksjoner was established in 1999 by Svein Gundersen who then gathered his theatre enterprises under the same umbrella. Karen Høie and a more or less steady staff are attached to the company, which hires new artists when necessary.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established 1999
Email svein.gundersen(at)hioa.no / karenhoie(at)gmail.com
Website Kulturproduksjoner
Expressions Theatre

Contact information

Address Dammannsvei 14, 0286 Oslo, Norway
Email svein.gundersen(at)hioa.no / karenhoie(at)gmail.com
Telefon 95236824

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK
Org nr. 980 883 566
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Kulturproduksjoner conveys relevant stories in a visual scenic language, mixing acting, narration, video, music, puppetry and mask theatre.

The company has also been concerned with making site-specific performing arts such as large outdoors wandering theatre performances with an unknown number of performers, professional actors, amateurs, dancers, singers, divers, mountaineers, horses or motorcycles.

Performances such as the Laterna Magica productions combined installation, smaller venues, monologues, song, video, narration, mask theatre, music, images and tableaus in a unified expression within the landscape/area the performance was placed.

Among the company’s close collaboration partners are Martine Lund Hoel, Original Copy, Klomadu Teater and Fabelfix.

In 2011 Kulturproduksjoner completed a two-year long collaboration project with Teatr Groteska in Krakow: The Great Dragon Parade.


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E-mail from /Kulturproduksjoner represented by Karen Høie, 03.01.2012

Co-productions (2)
Title Premiere
Rød Tråd – May 1, 2019 – Historieviserne
Hommage à Chagall – – Teatr Groteska
Contributors (10)
Henrik Høie – Actor
Martine Kraft – Sound designer
Ola Jevnaker – Costume
Karen Høie – Producer (fra 1999)
Karen Høie – Actor (fra 1999)
Svein Gundersen (teater) – Dramatist/Playwright (fra 1999)
Svein Gundersen (teater) – Stage designer (fra 1999)
Svein Gundersen (teater) – Actor (fra 1999)
Svein Gundersen (teater) – Director (fra 1999)
Karen Høie – Dramatist/Playwright (fra 1999)