Karen Høie

Karen Høie is a Norwegian actress, storyteller, producer and associate professor.

Høie and Nina Engelund constitute the company Klomadu Theatre.

With Svein Gundersen she manages the company Kulturproduksjoner.

Karen Høie also works on assignments and has been hired by the theatre workshop in the Torshov tram hall, Hedmark Theatre, Haugesund Theatre, Sogn og Fjordane Theatre (SoFT), The Laterna magica trilogy, MollyMelon, The spectacle called Maridalsspillet, The Great Dragon Parade (a two-year Norwegian-Polish collaboration project).


(Objekt ID 912)
Object type Person
Born 1952
Functions Actor, Narrator, Producer
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of The Norwegian Actors’ Equity Association/NAEA, Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN
Email karenhoie(at)gmail.com
Adresse Marcus Thranes gate 2, 2315 Hamar, Norway
Website Klomadu Teater, Kulturproduksjoner, MANUSBANKEN

Trainee in The Suttung Theatre.

Studies at Ingeborg Refling Hagen's cultural centre.

Teacher's education (music and English)

Expansive schooling within theatre (classes/seminars/workshops), in particular within the fields of actor training and improvisation, mask, clownery and puppetry, dramaturgy and direction.

Recognised competence as an associate professor in drama/theatre by a publically named committee, based on artistic education and practice.

Affiliations (10)
Artworks (2)
Title Premiere Role
Rosene i Vinterskogen 2015, Script, Monologue, Drama, One-act Play – Author
Liv og leik i kaupangen 2011, Script, Drama, Children and youth – Author