Svein Gundersen (teater)

Svein Gundersen is an associate professor at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA).

Gundersen also works as a script writer, dramaturge, director, stage designer, actor, an event host and lecturer within culture and the field of theatre. Gundersen is a member of Writers' Guild of Norway.

He manages the performing arts company Kulturproduksjoner with Karen Høie (established in 2000).


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Object type Person
Functions Director, Direction, Dramaturge, Stage designer, Lighting designer, Actor, Dramatist/Playwright, Pedagog, Professor
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male
Member of Writers’ Guild of Norway/WGN
Email svein46(at)
Adresse Marcus Thranes gate 2, 2315 Hamar , Norway

Svein Gundersen was an actor, carpenter, stage designer and director connected to The Suttung Theatre for many years, and the theatre's administrative and financial manager for about a decade.

Gundersen has been connected to UNIMA Norway. He led the association for eight years, during which he initiated and was the artistic director of the festival Fri Figur - a biennial for Norwegian puppetry. He still is a member of the European commission in UNIMA International.

Gundersen has been on the boards of Hedmark Theatre, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Black Box and Ny Musikk Hedmark (for the latter: cashier).


E-mail from Karen Høie, 12.04.2012


Educated within theatre theory, Christianity, Norwegian, Media, Teaching.

Expansive classes/seminars/workshops within theatre, in particular within the fields of actor training, dramaturgy and direction.

Studies at Ingeborg Refling Hagen's cultural centre.

Trainee in The Suttung Theatre.

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Klekk 2001, Script, Children and youth, One-act Play, Drama – Author