Marstrand was the name of the annual festival at Black Box Teater.

It was arranged for the first time the spring of 2009 under the name of Marstrand volume I. In 2012 Marstrand was arranged for the last time.

In 2013 Black Box Teater established Oslo International Theatre Festival.


(Objekt ID 5799)
Object type Organization
Organization type Festival
Main focus Multidisciplinary art, Theatre, Performance, Dance
Established 2009 (closed 2012)

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA

MARSTRAND was arranged the following years under the following titles:

2009: Marstrand volume I

2010: Marstrand volume II

2011: Marstrand volume III: A la grande nuit.

2012, March 23-29: Marstrand volume IV

Jon Refsdal Moe – Artistic director (fra 2010 til 2012)
Kristian Seltun – Artistic director (fra 2009 til 2009)