Twelfth Night, subtitled What you will

Twelfth Night, subtitled What you will is a play by William Shakespeare. It was probably written in 1601.

Twelfth Night is a comedy about love at many levels, where everybody is in love with everybody; men in women, women in men, women in women, and some are in love with themselves.

The Shakespeare comedy about love’s innings and detours can be read with a tragicomic message; that we are all fools in love and that we probably live well with being so. Twelfth Night has the subtitle What you will and is believed to be written in 1601 or 1602.

Among those who have translated the play into the Norwegian are André Bjerke, Sigrun Anny Røssbø, Henrik Rytter and Rolf Hiorth-Schøyen. It is known under the Norwegian titles Helligtrekongersaften,Hellige tre kongers aften,Hva dere vil and Trettendagsaften.


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Object type Artwork
Original title Twelfth Night; or, What you will
Work type Script
Published 1601
Original language English
Categories Comedy
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William Shakespeare – Author