Akershus Theatre

Also known asAkershus Teater
Organisation typeProducing
Main focusTheatre, Puppetry, Children and youths, Dance, Entertainment
Established20 Dec. 2004

About Akershus Theatre

Akershus Theatre was established by the county of Akershus, the municipality of Skedsmo, the culture centre Lillestrøm Kultursenter and Akershus Teaterverksted in 2004.

Akershus Theatre is a touring theatre for the county of Akershus, without a permanent ensemble or venue. The theatre hires freelance artists onstage and backstage. The theatre rents offices and rehearsal rooms in the culture centre Lillestrøm Kultursenter.

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More about Akershus Theatre

Akershus Theatre is one of the main performing arts providers for The Cultural Rucksack through the subscription contract administrated by kultur.akershus (the culture department of the county of Akershus). This makes the theatre one of the major producers of performing arts for children and youth in Norway.

The repertoire of Akershus Theatre consists of different performance expressions, different genres and formats including dance. The productions aim to reach children and youth, adults and seniors, and to facilitate the experience of performing arts for new groups of audiences.

Visiting performances and co-productions with other theatres are included in the total repertoire of the theatre. This includes collaboration with independent theatre companies.

The theatre performs in cultural centres, kindergartens, senior centres, other established cultural arenas, plus non-traditional venues.

Akershus Theatre aims to be imaginative in finding stories from the county, to be innovative in its expression and daring in the selection of venues. The aim is to contribute to activity during daytime and evening time, for the children, the young, the adults and the senior audiences with a wide spectrum of quality performing arts such as drama, comedy, dance and musical theatre in one of the most densely populated counties of Norway.

The autumn of 2007 Akershus Theatre established a department called P:UNKT. The enterprise concentrates on art as means of integration, social change and diversity.

Akershus Theatre is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the county of Akershus and the municipality of Skedsmo.


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