Torgunn Productions

Torgunn Productions was established by Torgunn Wold Platzack in 2002. As of now she runs the company with actor and stage technician Bo Platzack.

From the start and until the spring of 2012 Torgunn Productions has produced nine major and minor dance and theatre productions performed across large parts of Norway and Sweden.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Artist company
Main focus Dance, Theatre
Established September 30, 2000
Website Torgunn Produksjoner
Expressions Dance

Contact information

Address Drøbakveien 260, 1430 Ås, Norway
Telefon 4793641768

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Org nr. 982 384 133
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

Torgunn Productions produces expressive, poetic and musical dance theatre productions.

Every production is made in collaboration with others - dancers, composers or other artists. Torgunn Wold Platzack describes the process as "like every time entering a new meeting between theatre, dance and music".

Torgunn Productions creates dance theatre productions using the comedy and vulnerability of the theatre clown as an effect. The performances switch between absurd situations, poetic moments and surreal sequences, bound together in a musical and expressive expression.

The productions are made for touring, independent of whether they are made for children, youth or adults.


E-mail from Torgunn Productions, 18.06.2012

Own productions
Title Premiere
HUMLA – September 19, 2020
Klovn & Klang – 2017
TO BE – February 23, 2013
I sitt eget selskap* (In one's own company) – Navember 18, 2010
Professoren og assistenten* (The Professor and the Assistant) – May 25, 2008
På besøk* (Visiting) – Navember 10, 2007
Oda – October 21, 2007
Innrammet* (Framed) – March 10, 2007
b rör mig* (touch me) – December 7, 2006
The Master Cat – 2005
Bønn* (Prayer) – May 2004
Madame de D – 2002
Torgunn Wold Platzack – Choreographer
Torgunn Wold Platzack – Artistic director
Torgunn Wold Platzack – Actor
Bo Platzack – Leader of board
Bo Platzack – Actor
Bo Platzack – Technician
Henriette Blakstad – Dancer
Henriette Blakstad – Actor
Anne-Marthe Lund Engnes – Actor
Anders Sanzén – Actor
Gilda Stillbäck – Dancer
Martha Standal – Dancer
Jan-Egil Engnes – Actor
Lisbeth Sandnes Espeland – Dancer
Michael Sharman – Actor
Pia Eriksson – Actor