Studio O

Studio O is a Norwegian company that was established as Opera Omnia in 1987 by Glenn Erik Haugland and Heidi Tronsmo. Studio O works with musical theater in the extended sense.


(Objekt ID 1785)
Object type Organization
Also known as Opera Omnia Records
Organization type Artist company, Musical group
Main focus Musical theatre, Multidisciplinary art
Established June 3, 1987
Website Opera Omnia, Studio O
Expressions Musical theatre, Opera

Contact information

Address Larsavegen 12, 5208 Os, Norway
Telefon 56305217

Other information

Legal entity Other

Studio O primarily works with musical theatre. Since the beginning the ensemble has been acclaimed creators and enthusiasts of musical plays, and educationalists. Opera Omnia creates performances suitable for children and young people, and all material is self-produced.


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Studio O,, 31-10-2017,

Venues (1)
Contributors (3)
Glenn Erik Haugland – Manager
Heidi Tronsmo – Singer
Glenn Erik Haugland – Composer