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PoY! by Opera Omnia was a musical dream written by Glenn Erik Haugland and Heidi Tronsmo, based on a story by Ståle Tråsdahl.

PoY! was a musical, scenic narrative revolving around Henriette and the cellist. The music was composed for one actor (song/clarinet) and electronics filled with different moods and a joy of communicating without words.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 7, 2000
Produced by Studio O
Audience Children (from 3 to 10)
Number of events 140
Keywords Theatre, Musical theatre, Performance for children, Opera
Running period February 7, 2000  
Website Opera Omnia PoY!

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 0m
Maximum stage width 0m
Minimum stage depth 0m
Maximum stage depth 0m
Minimum stage height 0m
Maximum stage height 0m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 240 minutes
Downrigging time 90 minutes
Audience 70

In PoY! by Opera Omnia Henriette lives with an overworked cellist. The cellist practices all the time and is honestly fed up with music. Henriette is the opposite. She loves music and silence alike.

Henriette collects notes, strong and weak sounds from which she makes music. The cellist thinks Henriette is lazy. She dislikes that Henriette can lay on her favourite pillow for hours, with her head filled with notes growing into great music.

In the performance PoY! the audience met Henriette in a dream in which the cellist is transformed into a band of stiff and staring cello dolls. In the dream Henriette understands how to use everything she has collected doing something good.

PoY! by Opera Omnia was two-parted. Part one was a workshop near reality. The audience participated in the action. Part two was a dream sequence. Henriette was playing in an imagination-trigging beautiful geometric landscape, appealing to the onlookers’ visual sense and imagination.

"Opera Omnia's PoY! is musical theatre at its purest. Daring, fresh, innovative. A world without words, but filled with meaning. A dream world challenging and encouraging the children’s world of sounds, free of prejudice." The Edvard Jury in its explanation why PoY! was nominated to the Edvard Award in 2001.

Source: Opera Omnia, operaomnia.no, 01.08.2010, http://operaomnia.no/page2/page7/page7.html

Contributors (15)
Name Role
Ståle Tråsdahl – Script
Glenn Erik Haugland – Concept/Idea
Heidi Tronsmo – Concept/Idea
Hege Gabrielsen – Direction
Hege Gabrielsen – Staging
Glenn Erik Haugland – Music
Heidi Tronsmo – Music
Ellen Mette Berntsen – Stage design
Ellen Mette Berntsen – Costume
Kurt Hermansen – Lighting design
Heidi Tronsmo – Actor
Maja Bugge – Musician (Cello)
Heidi Tronsmo – Singer (Henriette)
Ståle Tråsdahl – Photo
Anne Lise Nordhagen – Producer
Performance dates
January 1, 2006 New opening
Navember 2, 2003 Show
Navember 1, 2003 Show
Navember 2000Teaterhuset Avant Garden Show
Deutsche Oper Berlin Show
February 13, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 12, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 11, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 10, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 9, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 8, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
February 7, 2000Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Worldwide premiere
Festivals (2)
KinderKinder Navember 1, 2003
Press coverage

"There is a lot of sound in PoY!. Many colours. Cobwebs and giant building blocks. A musical performance without words. And even more magic." Cathrine Krane Hansen. Bergens Tidende

"(...) an imagination-trigging and beautiful geometric landscape. (...) Appealed strongly to the visual imagination of the onlookers. Heidi Tronsmo plays the role of the small girl with great charms and an infatuating energy." IdaLou Larsen. Nationen

"PoY! communicates without traditional words and sentences. To the highest degree a unique performance. The children get involved, they are allowed to use their imagination and to revive with what they see." Leif Braseth. Arbeidets Rett

"Some (of the children) obviously had a moment of festivity, strange, eerie and challenging. Not all theatre is like this." Svein Grotdal. Sandefjord Blad