Nasjonen* (The Nation)

Nasjonen* (The Nation) was a theatre production by Akershus Theatre, springing out from a text by Kim Atle Hansen.

Bo Anders Sundstedt directed it.

Nasjonen is the story of a group of travellers who decide to found their own nation.

Nasjonen was Egil Hegerberg's theatre debut.

Nasjonen was cancelled after three performances due to poor ticket sales.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 38094)
Object type Production
Premiere February 27, 2014
Produced by Unge Viken Teater
Based on Nasjonen* (The Nation) by Kim Atle Hansen
Audience Youth, Adults
Audience size 536
Number of events 3
Language Norwegian
Keywords Comedy, Theatre, Comedy
Running period February 27, 2014  —  March 1, 2014
Duration 90 minutes
Website Akershus Teater

At the webpage of Akershus Theatre the following, among other things, was written about Nasjonen* (The Nation):

"What happens when a group of people is to share land, goods, duties and rights? How to agree on the fundamental? How does one build an identity, and what does it mean to be a citizen of The Nation? Does one need a national anthem? Should one have a clothes code in common? And what happens when one finds a source to riches? And who should be the prime minister? How about the set of laws? Should there be a constitution, and if so, who should write it? And should it be allowed to beg?

Without becoming too preoccupied with the history, and without getting locked in ceremonial speeches and dusty interiors, with Nasjonen we try to make room for the laughter's force to liberate the intellect.

There are attempts, there are failings, there are new attempts. The Nation is to be built by a strong and original team of theatre artists who get together in this breakneck exercise at the occasion of the constitution jubilee."

Originally the production was meant to be directed by Morten Joachim, but the artistic director of Akershus Theatre, Bo Anders Sundstedt, took over the responsibility.


Akershus Theatre, 13.02.2014

Import from the list of openings 07/01-2014,

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Contributors (19)
Name Role
Kim Atle Hansen – Playwright
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Direction
Egil Hegerberg – Composition
Gjermund Andresen – Stage design
Gjermund Andresen – Costume
Paul Vidar Sævarang – Sound design
Ingar Abo – Sound
Hanne Gjerstad Henrichsen – Actor
Egil Hegerberg – Actor
Trond Høvik – Actor
Anne Krigsvoll – Actor
Jan Sælid – Actor
Hanne Marte Sørlie – Actor
Olav Waastad – Actor
June Paalgard – Mask design
Stine Bakken – Stage manager
Stine Kvam – Stage manager
Adam Tassinari – Photo
Sandra Sandbye – Producer