karen foss quiet works

Also known asKFQW
Organisation typeArtist company, Dance company
Main focusMultidisciplinary art, Dance, Education
Established28 May. 2001
Emailksf@karenfossquietworks.no / post@karenfossquietworks.no
Websitekaren foss quiet works
ExpressionsMultidisciplinary, Dance, Performance, Theatre

About karen foss quiet works

The aim of the foundation karen foss quiet works, established in 2001, is to produce and promote the artistic work of Karen Foss, and additionally to collaborate with artists working in related arts fields and forms. The organisation's working strategy is based on continuity with regard to concepts and those involved.

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More about karen foss quiet works

Karen Foss teaches workshops, holds lectures and demonstrations springing out of her own preformances plus other material. Her workshops include choreography, composition, dance and movement. Lectures, lessons and seminars are given in history of dance, dance art and culture, art politics and producer work for dance and new stage arts. Karen Foss is experienced in education and works with amateurs as well as professionals within the dance sector.

The foundation karen foss quiet works focus on truths that are not immediately apparent, or that lie concealed behind the truths or concepts that our western philosophy of life generally takes for granted. The works therefore aim to throw new light on western patterns of thought and classical art production. For the spectator, a quiet works performance will therefore present a wealth of associations and references, and these references play an important role in the effect of the overall production.

Apart from this richly connotative quality, the works contain ambiguities and a feeling that something rather uncomfortable is smouldering under the surface. There is also an inherent sensuality and lavishness, with leanings towards the droll and the singular.

karen foss quiet works receives support from Arts Council Norway (Norsk Kulturråd) and other public funding organisations such as The Fund for Performing Arts (Fond for utøvende kunstnere), The Audio Visual Fund (Fond for lyd og bilde) and Bergen City Council.

Bergen International Theatre (BIT teatergarasjen) and the contemporary ballet company Carte Blanche AS have acted as co-producers on past productions.

Source: karen foss quiet works, karenfossquietworks.no, 01.08.2010, http://www.karenfossquietworks.no