Organisation typeArtist company
Main focusMultidisciplinary art, Musical theatre
Emailtone (at)
ExpressionsMultidisciplinary, Musical theatre, Performance, Theatre

About NONCompany

NONCompany is an interdisciplinary theatre company based in the city of Bergen.

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More about NONCompany

NONcompany was estblished in 2002 by Lise Risom Olsen. The core members are artists from different fields within music, design, visual arts and theatre. NONcompany also collaborate with other artists for the specific projects. NONcompany is a dynamic group constantly looking to explore new directions and means of expression.

NONcompany has since the beginning produced original stage performances. The projects are rooted in the artists respective fields, and often incorporate elements of popular culture. NONcompany has also created a variety of smaller projects in the form of performance and video art, recitals, happenings and concerts.

The works of NONcompany are created in collective processes where the group experiment with styles, forms and concepts in a wide variety.