Organisation typeDance company
Main focusDance, Children and youths, Education
Established1 Jan. 1999

About dybwikdans

The dance company dybwikdans has produced works for traditional venues and outdoor venues since 1999. The company wishes to promote contemporary dance for children, youth and adults. The artistic director Siri Dybwik works full time at UIS, with main responsibility for modern dance performing disciplines. The company consists of a choreographer, musical leader and five dancers.

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More about dybwikdans

Among the character traits of dybwikdans is the use of live music during which the musicians take part in the scenic expression. dybwikdans creates productions for the traditional venues, but also works exploring public spaces. Site-specific installations make up one of the research areas of the choreographer. The past years dybwikdans has produced much both outdoors and in traditional venues.

The company has performed productions as evening performances in cultural centres and as daytime performances through The Cultural Rucksack. Choreographer Siri Dybwik is concerned with creating new arenas for contemporary dance and in her productions for children she emphasises closeness between performers and audience.

The company dybwikdans is supported by the municipality of Stavanger and the company’s productions are supported by the municipalities of Stavanger and Sandnes plus the county of Rogaland.

Choreographer Siri Dybwik works as an associate professor at The University of Stavanger where the productions of dybwikdans make a foundation for her artistic research work.

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