Tianshi (2006) was a danceproduction by dybwikdans.

Choreographed by Siri Dybwik.


(Objekt ID 1001)
Object type Production
Premiere April 29, 2006
Produced by dybwikdans
In collaboration with The University of Stavanger
Audience Children, Youth, Adults
Keywords Dance
Running period April 29, 2006  

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes
Audience 100

In her work choreographer Siri Dybwik has found inspiration in different women and their stories. Through conversations and literature, and in particular the book The Good Women of China by Xinran, she has examined her idea.

The Good Women of China tells about the lives and fates of Chinese women. The stories are marked by the history of China, but the themes are generally valid whichever sky one is living underneath. With these women’s stories as a background, along with several interviews and the personal understandings the dancers had of the themes, Tianshi most of all conveys a physical meeting, but also an experience rooming all emotions.


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Contributors (11)
Name Role
Siri Dybwik – Choreography
Nils Christian Fossdal – Music
Britt Stigen Martinsen – Costume
Terese Arildsdatter Riis – Costume
Andre Foldøy – Sound
Joakim Foldøy – Light
Keili Austbø – Dancer
Lisa Kendall – Dancer
Stine Isachsen Knudsen – Dancer
Albertine Vibert – Voiceover
Marius Foldøy – Technician
Performance dates
April 29, 2006The Small Hall, Sandnes Kulturhus Opening night