Also known asKunsten Festival des Arts
Organisation typeFestival
Main focusMultidisciplinary art, Theatre, Music
Established1 Jan. 1994

About KunstenFestivalDesArts

Kunsten Festival des Arts was created by Frie Leysen in 1994. The festival takes place every year in May and lasts up to four weeks, during which a wide range of events takes place at twenty different venues in Brussels. The festival’s main focus is on performing arts and visual arts, and it is dedicated to new work.

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    More about KunstenFestivalDesArts

    The program of the Kunsten Festival Des Arts invariably presents contemporary art forms ranging from music theatre and text theatre to dance, film and exhibitions. The Kunsten Festival des Arts does everything possible in order to encourage encounters, exchanges and debate. The festival has an international outlook and aims to be complementing the existing artistic offerings in Belgium.

    Source: http://www.kadmusarts.com/festivals/322.html 22/11-10