Udhavn Teater (Udhavn Theatre)

Udhavn Teater (Udhavn Theatre) is a monologue theatre started by Knut Walle in 2000. Udhavn Teater (Udhavn Theatre) is based in the school building in Monsøya in Ny-Hellesund in Søgne. Udhavn Teater (Udhavn Theatre) also often performs at the station Sandermosen stasjon, part of Kulturbanen

The theatre produces one to two productions every year, and performs in the school building approximately 40 times.


Udhavn Teater (Udhavn Theatre), www.knutwalle.no, 02.03.2012, 



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Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company
Main focus Theatre
Established January 1, 2000
Email knut.w@online.no
Website Udhavn Teater - Knut Walle

Contact information

Address Ny-Hellesund, Norway
Email knut.w@online.no

Other information

Legal entity Sole Proprietorship/Self-employed business/ENK