Komediateatret was established in Bergen in 1933 by Lars Nygard. He engaged Amund Rydland (1888-1967) as artistic director. The theatre based its enterprise on a popular repertoire with popular comedy as the dominating genre. The theatre was active until 1964. It shut down after rental costs became too high for the company to be economically viable. 

Komediateatret was re-established/revived in 1995 by Frode Rasmussen, under the name Bergen Komedia Teater, but owing to economical difficulties the company was dissolved again the same year.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Private theatre
Main focus Theatre
Established 1933 (closed December 31, 1964)

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Address Vestre Torvgate 5/7, Bergen, Norway

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Legal entity Other


Ludvigsen, Birthe-Lisbeth: masters thesis, University of Bergen 
Frie teatergrupper og prosjektteater i Bergen 1970-2006 - en kontekstualisert oversikt og beskrivelse (literally: Independent Theatre Companies and Project Theatres in Bergen 1970-2006 – a contextualised overview and description), UiB 2007

The Theatre Archive at the University of Bergen, several dates

Contributors (3)
Alv Hordnes – Theatre director (fra 1945 til 1964)
Lars Nygard – Theatre director (fra May 17, 1934 til May 8, 1945)
Amund Rydland – Theatre director (fra 1933 til May 17, 1934)