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Hapless Sjur

Hapless Sjur (1958) was a theatre production by KomediateatretHapless Sjur was the world premiere of a comedy by Hans M. Busk. The production was performed at Komediateatret in Bergen.

The director was Alv Hordnes.


(Objekt ID 102595)
Object type Production
Premiere December 10, 1958
Produced by Komediateatret
Based on Hapless Sjur by Yngvar Holbæk-Hanssen
Number of events 120
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Popular comedy, Theatre
Running period December 10, 1958  

The action takes place at Storseter, around midsummer. 


The Theatre Archive at the University of Bergen, 14.07.2020

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Yngvar Holbæk-Hanssen – Author
Alv Hordnes – Staging
Olav Lavik – Decorations
Tor Bjarke – Actor (Einar Borgen, agronom)
Liv Gjerløw – Actor (Bjørg)
Lars Gåsdal – Actor (Petter Storseter)
Alv Hordnes – Actor (Onkel Hannibal)
Ann-Britt Langeland – Actor (Anne)
Andreas Riise – Actor (Øystein Stupet, skulelerar, stud. theol.)
Performance dates
December 10, 1958 Worldwide premiere