The Farce of Love

The Farce of Love (1933) was a theatre production by KomediateatretThe farce of love was the premiere of a comedy by Helge Krog and Olaf Bull. The production was performed at Komediateatret in Bergen.

The director was Victor Ivarson.


(Objekt ID 101592)
Object type Production
Premiere December 26, 1933
Produced by Komediateatret
Based on The Farce of Love by Helge Krog, Olaf Bull
Audience Adults
Number of events 40
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period December 26, 1933  


The Theatre Archive at the University of Bergen, 16.06.2020

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Olaf Bull – Author
Helge Krog – Author
Victor Ivarson – Direction
Knut Askeland – Stage design
Christian Bjerge – Actor
Elly Ekensteen – Actor (Edle)
Lars Nygard – Actor
Helga Rydland – Actor (Irmelin Storck)
Amund Rydland – Actor (Jonas Veber, komponist)
Performance dates