The Lucky Letter

The Lucky Letter (1942) was a theatre production by KomediateatretThe Lucky Letter was a popular comedy by Claus Lavik. The production was performed at Komediateatret in Bergen. 

The director was Lars Nygard.


(Objekt ID 101390)
Object type Production
Premiere February 25, 1942
Produced by Komediateatret
Based on The Lucky Letter by Claus Lavik
Number of events 64
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Popular comedy, Theatre, 2nd World War
Running period February 25, 1942  

The action takes place in a village in west Norway in the 1880s/1890s, in Marsella Sørhaug’s courtyard.
Act I in early summer, act II in late summer, act III the day afterwards.
Longest interval after act II.

National costumes provided by Bergen Folk Art and Craft Association.


Act I: Edvard Grieg: Remembrances

Act II: Edvard Grieg: I love thee

Act III: Folk dance


Ludvigsen, Birthe-Lisbeth: masters thesis, University of Bergen 
Frie teatergrupper og prosjektteater i Bergen 1970-2006 - en kontekstualisert oversikt og beskrivelse (literally: Independent Theatre Companies and Project Theatres in Bergen 1970-2006 – a contextualised overview and description), UiB 2007

The Theatre Archive at the University of Bergen, various dates

Contributors (20)
Name Role
Claus Lavik – Author
Kristian Apeltun – Choreography
Lars Nygard – Staging
Knut Askeland – Decorations
Kolbjørn Brenda – Actor (Amund, innflyttersønn)
Eva Brenda – Actor (Reidun, Eriks datter)
Borghild Foss – Actor (Kristina, Endres kone)
Dan Fosse – Actor (Endre, gårdbruker)
Lars Gåsdal – Actor (Lensmannen)
Alv Hordnes – Actor (Per, skreppekar)
Rikky Johnsen – Actor (Helga, ung bygdejente)
Ingrid Meyer – Actor (Brita, ung bygdejente)
Gudrun Møklebust – Actor (Marsella Sørhaug, gårdbrukerjente)
Lars Nygard – Actor (Erik Berge, gårdbruker)
Lars Sandvik – Actor (Geir Bø, gårdbrukersønn)
Inger Eriksen – Musician
Kåre Heie – Musician
Gustav A. Madsen – Musician
Arnold Reikrås – Musician
Ødøn Vásárhelyi – Musician
Performance dates
February 25, 1942Komediateatret / Musikkakademiet i Bergens sokkeletasje Worldwide premiere