Faust is a series of plays by the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). The final version of Faust. Part One came in 1808, and Faust. Part Two came posthumously in 1832. The main character Dr. Faust wants to examine the mysteries of life, and is pulled between Mephistopheles (in other words, the devil) and the innocent Gretchen, whom he drives to child murder and prison.

Goethe builds rather freely on the legend about Johann Faust, who according to legend sold his soul to the devil in exchange for supernatural knowledge. The oldest text about the legendary Faust is found in a German book from 1587. Several versions of the legend came from 1593 to the version by Christlich Meynenden in 1725, a version Goethe also knew and used.

Goethe worked with the material through large parts of his life, all in all 60 years, and he described it as his main occupancy.


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