Faust (1869) was an opera production by Christiania Theatre, based on the opera by Charles Gounod (music), Jules Barbier (libretto) and Michel Carré (libretto), in turn based on the tragedy by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Faust was sung in Swedish one night, in Italian one night and in French one night.


(Objekt ID 78029)
Object type Production
Premiere May 25, 1869
Produced by Christiania Theatre
Based on Faust by Michel Carré, Jules Barbier, Charles Gounod
Audience Adults
Number of events 105
Language Norwegian
Expressions Opera
Running period May 26, 1869  —  January 12, 1899


Øyvind Anker: Christiania Theaters repertoire 1827-99 (literally: Christiania Theatre's repertoire 1827-99).

Name Role
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Author
Jules Barbier – Libretto
Michel Carré – Libretto
Adolf Hertz – Translation
Charles Gounod – Composer
Garcia (from 1869 to NIL) – Singer (Mefistofeles)
Fritz Arlberg (from 1874 to NIL) – Singer (Valentin)
Jens Elias Berntsen (from 1890 to NIL) – Singer (Mefisto )
Hans Brun (from 1874 to NIL) – Singer (Faust)
Lona Gullowsen Gyldenkrone (from 1888 to NIL) – Singer (Marguerite)
Signe Hebbe (from 1874 to NIL) – Singer (Marguerite)
Wilhelm Kloed (from 1890 to NIL) – Singer (Faust)
Thorvald Lammers (from 1874 to NIL) – Singer (Mefisto)
Bjarne Lund (from 1890 to NIL) – Singer (Mefisto)
Gina Oselio (from 1890 to NIL) – Singer (Marguerite)
Lucie Wolf – Singer (Marthe)
Performance dates
September 26, 1898Christiania Theater – New opening
October 22, 1890Christiania Theater – New opening
April 25, 1888Christiania Theater – New opening
June 28, 1883Christiania Theater – New opening
June 20, 1880Christiania Theater – New opening
July 8, 1874Christiania Theater – New opening
May 25, 1869Christiania Theater – National premiere, Norway