The Norwegian Radio Orchestra

KORK meets its audience in many arenas. Being present in TV, radio and on the internet plus through CDs and books KORK is one of the most intermedial and available units of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Being present on new platforms is important to the orchestra. KORK is no longer just a radio orchestra, but an orchestra for all media.

Source: The Norwegian Radio Orchestra/KORK,, 27.10.2010,


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Object type Organization
Also known as KORK
Organization type National institution, Musical group
Main focus Music
Established September 1, 1946
Website Kringkastingsorkesteret

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Country Norway

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Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) was established in 1946 when The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation hired the Bristol Orchestra and its leader Øivind Bergh.

Central in the orchestra’s philosophy stand terms like playing, curiosity and flexibility. KORK emphasises breaking the borders between genres, building bridges over generational gaps, in short, to show that KORK is a child of its time, wanting to develop with its listeners, spectators and concert audiences. Now there is room for everything, from folkloric music to opera, black metal to pop, Beethoven’s Fifth and the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

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The yoik concert – February 6, 2017