AGAIN (2012) was a production by zero visibility corp., NorrlandsOperan and NorrlandsOperans Symfoni OrkesterAgain had it's world premier at NorrlandsOperan, and the Norwegian premier at Bærum Kulturhur 

Ina Christel Johannessen was the choreographer.


(Objekt ID 30650)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 30, 2012
Produced by zero visibility corp., NorrlandsOperan
Coproducers Carte Blanche, Bærum Kulturhus
In collaboration with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Audience Adults
Number of events 13
Expressions Dance, Contemporary dance, Concert
Running period Navember 30, 2012  —  April 13, 2018
Duration 2 hours

At the webpage of zero visibility corp. the following, among other things, is written about AGAIN:

"Is repetition contrary to what gives us meaning?
Is transformation what we are trying to achieve, or perhaps, ideally, to become re-established... as a repeated acknowledgement that we are alive: through the eyes of others, to be seen, loved, or that our actions have significance?

As in so many of Ina Christel Johannessen's works, the questions relating to life's contradictions play a key role. In a carefully constructed composition between the physically visual and audible space, and the dancers' actions, in which closeness and distance exist simultaneously, with strength as well as fragility - it is her desire to portray people and their stories, or suggested stories, which the spectator may read his or her own reality into.

ICJ's performances are characterised by a usually striking physicality. ICJ has gathered a particularly strong ensemble of seven dancers for this production, comprising a broad spectrum of age and experience, though all of them offering a distinctive physical expression, technique and authenticity.

The music for this work has been specially composed by Marcus Fjellström. In works by ICJ, the music and the sound picture are of great significance. She wants the music to be 'physically' present in the work to the same extent as the dance or set design."

Supported by: Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


zero visibility corp.,, 14.09.2012,

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Ina Christel Johannessen – Choreography
Marcus Fjellström – Composer
Rumon Gamba – Conductor
Kristin Torp – Stage design
Kristin Torp – Costume
Morten Pettersen – Sound
Kyrre Heldal Karlsen – Lighting design
Sudesh Adhana – Dancer
Camilla Spidsøe Cohen – Dancer
Pia Elton Hammer – Dancer
Antero Hein – Dancer
Máté Mészáros – Dancer
Kristina Søetorp – Dancer
Line Tørmoen – Dancer
Tommy Janssen – Performer
Tommy Janssen – Musician
Performance dates
April 13, 2018 , Multiplie dansefestival – Show
April 12, 2018 , Multiplie dansefestival – Show
April 7, 2018Danse Danse Festival
  • )
, Danse Danse Festival – Show
April 6, 2018Danse Danse Festival
  • )
, Danse Danse Festival – Show
April 5, 2018Danse Danse Festival
  • )
, Danse Danse Festival – Show
March 22, 2018Stora Scen – Show
March 21, 2018Stora Scen – New opening
July 17, 2014Teatro Astra , International festival Teatro a Corte – Show
September 27, 2013Store Sal, Bærum Kulturhus , CODA – Show
September 26, 2013Store Sal, Bærum Kulturhus , CODA – National premiere, Norway
May 9, 2013 18:30 – Great Hall , New Baltic Dance – Show
May 9, 2013Lithuanian National Drama Theatre – Show
December 1, 2012Teatern – Show
Navember 30, 2012Teatern – Worldwide premiere
Festivals (5)
Multiplie dansefestival April 12, 2018
Danse Danse Festival April 5, 2018
International festival Teatro a Corte July 17, 2014
CODA September 26, 2013
New Baltic Dance May 9, 2013