NorrlandsOperan in Umeå was founded in 1974 and has throughout the years developed from a regional opera ensemble to a performing arts venue with a regional profile and a broad range of activities.


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Object type Organization
Organization type District institution, Programming, Producing
Main focus Opera, Dance, Music, Theatre
Established 1974
Website Norrlandsoperan

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Address Operaplan 5, Umeå, Sweden

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At the webpage of NorrlandsOperan the following, among other things, is written:

"NorrlandsOperan includes a symphony orchestra and departments for opera, dance, music plus a white cube called Vita kuben, our contemporary art gallery.


The mission of NorrlandsOperan is to produce, promote and develop theatrical and artistic works. In addition to its own productions, NorrlandsOperan also hosts touring performances each season. We arrange two festivals - the eclectic art festival MADE, held in the spring, and the Umeå Jazz Festival, held in the autumn. Our vision is to provide a venue for new artistic expression and we strive for our work to be characterised by both the traditional and the provocative."


Norrlandsoperan,, 07.09.2012,

Own productions (5)
Title Premiere
How to die - Inopiné – February 6, 2020
AGAIN – March 21, 2018
Mon lean duhát jagi / I'm a thousand years old – March 5, 2014
AGAIN – September 26, 2013
AGAIN – Navember 30, 2012
Co-productions (7)