Wakka Wakka Productions

Also known asWakk AS
Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusPuppetry, Theatre
Established1 Jan. 2001
WebsiteWakka Wakka

About Wakka Wakka Productions

Wakka Wakka Productions is a group of theatre artists, making productions in a wide range of styles. Wakka Wakka Productions are based in New York.

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More about Wakka Wakka Productions

Since 2001 Wakka Wakka has created and produced six entirely original works of theatre, three of which were puppet-based. All of Wakka Wakka’s productions have been highly physical and visual, overlapping in a wide range of styles, including grotesque, absurd and clown, incorporating elements such as puppetry, masks and original music.

In 2008, Wakka Wakka Productions was nominated for a Drama Desk Award in the category of Unique Theatrical Experience and awarded a UNIMA Citation of Excellence for Fabrik: The Legend of M. Rabinowitz.

Referance: Porsgrunn Internasjonale Teaterfestival - http://2009.pit.no/show_details.asp?ID=688