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The Peer Gynt Festival

The Peer Gynt Festival AKA Peer Gynt AS is an art and culture producer based in Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen district.

The Peer Gynt Festival gained status as a 'hub festival' in 2008 (the 'hub festival' system is a public funding system in Norway, Sceneweb's comment) as the first festival within performing arts. The Peer Gynt Festival has three outdoors arenas Friluftsscena (literally: the outdoors venue) by Gålåvatnet (1989), Rondane Høgfjellscene (literally: the high mountain venue at Rondane, 1996) and Fryajuvet (2006).

The first festival was arranged in 1928 - as a centenary celebration of the birth of Ibsen. From 1967 the festival has been arranged annually in Vinstra.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Peer Gynt AS
Organization type Festival
Main focus Theatre, Dance, Music
Established 1928

Contact information

Address Vinstra, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Own productions (15)
Title Premiere
Peer Gynt – July 31, 2020
Peer Gynt – August 2018
Peer Gynt – August 4, 2017
Peer Gynt – 2016
Peer Gynt – 2015
Peer Gynt – 2014
Peer Gynt – August 3, 2013
Selvets keiser* (Emperor of the Self) – July 31, 2013
Peer Gynt – 2012
Juv* (Canyon) – August 8, 2008
Juv* (Canyon) – August 8, 2007
Juv* (Canyon) – August 10, 2006
Rødnissene og blånissene på Gålå* (The Red and the Blue Gnomes at Gålå) – February 21, 2003
Peer Gynt – 1994
Peer Gynt – 1993
Contributors (2)
Iren Reppen – Artistic director
Ellen Horn – Artistic director