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Erik Ulfsby

Erik Ulfsby is a Norwegian director, born in Oslo in 1970. He has been the artistic director and CEO of The Norwegian Theatre from 2011 (the term lasts until 2016).

Erik Ulfsby was educated at The National Academy of Theatrein Oslo (1991-94), and after graduation he was hired as an actor at Trøndelag Theatre, The National Stage, Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) in Molde and by film, TV and radio.

Since his debut as a director in 2000 with Oleanna at Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre) he has been behind a number of staged productions, including The Ice Castle, The Jungle Book, Jesus Christ Superstar and Time and the Roomat The Norwegian Theatre.


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Born 1970
Functions Director, Actor, Theatre director
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Male

In 2001 Erik Ulfsby was nominated for The Hedda Award 2009 in the category of best direction, both for The Jungle Book by Kipling/Mørk-Eidem at The Norwegian Theatre, and for Long Day's Journey into Night by Eugene O'Neill at Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre).

The Jungle Book won The Hedda Award in the category of best production for children and youth the same year.

In 2006 Ulfsby received The Hedda Award in the category of theatre project of the year for the production Bollywood Ibsen - The Lady from the Indian Sea, at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre).

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The criteria for The Hedda Award demands that the theatre project of the year, formerly called the production of the year, is to surpass other good productions through being contemporary, and an event in itself. Preferably the production is also to be original in form.

The winner of the year satisfies all these demands. It is splendidly exotic and entirely different, it is characterised by playful, but utterly conscious direction, amazing stage design and good acting. At the same time it grants the playwright's text justice, and it builds a highly necessary bridge between the theatre and our new citizens.

The winner of the year is Bollywood Ibsen - The Lady from the Indian Sea."

Twice Erik Ulfsby has received the comedy award Komiprisen, for the direction of Bye & Rønning prøver keiserens nye klær* (Bye & Rønning try on the emperor's new clothes) (2006) and Marit Voldsæter's Med ræven i fatle* (With the ass in a sling, 2007).

In 2012 the production Norge-Brasil* (Norway-Brazil), directed by Ulfsby, nominated for The Hedda Award in the category of best production.

As the head of The Norwegian Theatre Erik Ulfsby is, among other things, responsible for initiating the project called Det multinorske (literally: The Multi Norwegian) - a three year long education project for actors with multicultural backgrounds.


The Norwegian Theatre

The Hedda Award

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


The National Academy of Theatre in Oslo (1991-94)

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