Rom for Dans

Rom for Dans (RfD) is a venue for dance art, or a meeting place for professionals, students, children, youth and others who work with the art of dance.

Rom for dans is most of all an activity centre for dance, with its main emphasis on education, training and production. But RfD also arranges performances, mostly as a showing and meeting point for those working with dance art projects in the house.


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Object type Organization
Also known as RfD
Organization type Dance company, Dissemination centre
Main focus Dance
Established April 1, 2005
Website Rom for Dans
Expressions Dance

Contact information

Address Marstrand gate 8, 0566 Oslo, Norway
Telefon 92 24 80 20

Other information

Legal entity Limited liability company/AS or ASA
Org nr. 888 306 692
Member of The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA

RfD is a competence centre, a venue for production and performance of professional dance art. Research and artistic development are managed, with a particular emphasis on children and youth, who are put on equal footing with professional performers in the work process and onstage.

RfD rents out spaces for independent companies, projects etc, and is a host for Skolen for Samtidsdans (literally: The School for Contemporary Dance), a two year long education option.

Source: Rom for Dans, 01.12.2010,

Own productions
Title Premiere
['bæːɾə] – April 19, 2012
Tett på* (Close up) – September 10, 2009
Det spøker i Sophies hage* (Sophie’s garden is haunted) – May 23, 2009
Öppna landskap* (Open landscapes) – April 27, 2007
Title Premiere
Habitat – October 21, 2018
Tidslaboratoriet – October 1, 2009 – VikDevising
UtoSafari – August 21, 2009 – Numb Safari
Camilla Myhre – Choreographer
Caroline Wahlström Nesse – Choreographer